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The mission of the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards is to provide leadership, professional development, and collaborative opportunities to our members to strengthen their capacity to improve services to crime victims and survivors.  We share a vision of working together so that every victim compensation program is fully funded, optimally staffed, and functioning effectively to help victims cope with the costs of crime.

Our Members-Only section is open to managers, staff and Board members of government crime victim compensation programs.  Contact us if you need assistance logging in.

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Application Procedures

1. How does a victim apply?

Applications can be obtained from the crime victim compensation program. Most programs now have web sites from which application forms can be downloaded. Check the Program Directory or State Links on this Web site for links to each state's program. Applications are also available from police, prosecutors, or victim service agencies. Many states also have brochures describing their programs. Victims can seek help from victim service programs in completing the application.

The application should be submitted as soon as possible. The compensation program will review the application to determine eligiblity and to decide what costs can be paid, and will notify the applicant of the program's decision.

2. Where does a victim apply?

               Victims generally should apply in the state where the crime occurred.  A few states may offer eligibility to their residents for crimes commited in other U.S. jurisdictions, but primary coverage staill comes from the state where the crime occurred.  About half the states offer help to their residents who are victims of crimes committed in foreign lands.  Foreign coverage is a matter of state law, and the individual state should be contacted regarding eligibility.